Precision and intelligence

DORMET specialises in both individual welding work and repeat welding using high-precision robots. Thanks to their ability to apply 5 or 50 welds to a workpiece, once they are programmed they can turn out identical parts at any time. Just in time, just for you! When it comes to cost-effectiveness we don’t compromise.

  • 2 welding robots TIG – MIG/MAG, chrome steel, steel, magnetic steel sheets, aluminium, etc.
  • Individual parts by hand or robot, series of 1 to 100,000 pieces
  • Spot welding, projection welding, stud welding, autogenous, hard soldering, etc.
  • Water cooling system on TIG robot for optimised high-quality welding operations
  • Roll bending and straightening operations
  • Finishing operations, surface finishing with special surface grinding machine
11 precisely controlled axes per robot - welding series of up to 100000 pieces