Breaking new ground

With creative thinking and expertise in the use of CAD, our technicians and design engineers are equipped to develop new, innovative solutions. We question existing practices, evaluate new materials, develop economically advantageous alternatives, and we don’t stop until we have found the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Thanks to the latest technology, we are also able to manufacture prototypes within the shortest possible time – today the prototype with CAD, tomorrow the finished component to the customer. Top metal delivered in record time.

  • Specially designed components and tools fine-tuned upon request
  • One source project management, development and manufacturing
  • Project responsibility from start to finish
  • Maximum precision thanks to state-of-the-art CAD workstation
  • Easy simulation via CAD possible, strip layout for follow-on tool
  • One-day prototype manufacture thanks to maximum flexibility
12 special constructions per year - 24 hour turnover for rapid prototype