Inventors, innovators and developers

Anyone familiar with DORMET knows it is a good idea to put our experience and specialist expertise to use right from the outset. If you work with us, you are also working with inventors, innovators and developers. In our production facilities, we manufacture miniature, highly complex parts that started out life in our heads and on our computer screens. This is why we work with the very best people in their field. Each individual employee at DORMET knows that we reject mediocrity. Our motto is as Voltaire said: “The best is the enemy of the good”.

Continuity and progress

We value tried-and-tested solutions, but are also always on the lookout for new approaches, improvements, savings and more efficient production. This is our company philosophy and one that we use to both acquire and impress customers. However, we consciously remain a flexible, proactive small company who is also ready to help in an instant when it comes to manufacturing miniature parts and niche products. Instead of growth for growth’s sake, we prefer to concentrate on what we know best: thinking, planning and manufacturing. History proves us right.

10 countries supplied - 20 different branches